Thursday, 20 October 2016

 Before our winter work starts next week, we have taken the chance to catch up with a drainage job at the roadside to drain the road into an existing drain and level the old ditches to make the roadside better to maintain
 We have made sides for our utility vehicle for when we are transporting gorse etc to hold more
 with the drop in temperature we have reduce all cutting and in between cuts we will turf iron instead to help keep a smooth surface
 It's that time of year when we have slight problems with casting worms, so we have sprayed a worm irritant on the Balcomie course greens to help keep the surfaces cleaner
 We have put out a new sign at the 4th bottom medal tee to give the information of the carry over the beach, start of the fairway and to the bunker
 Today we have been out hollow coring certain tees & aprons on the Craighead course to help reduce thatch levels
 On Wednesday I attended a seminar and course walk at Stirling GC on the re-design of bunkers and certain areas of the course

Thursday, 13 October 2016

 The guys busy getting the greens cut & turf ironed to help smooth the surface after the aeration work, bunkers being raked and fairways/tees divoted
 More deep hollow coring on the Putting green to help replace the heavy soil with sand to improve the drainage etc
 After the roughs have been cut, we are raking into the sward 2 ways to help reduce the thickness of the roughs
 The bench at the walkway up to the Clubhouse from the Balcomie course has been replaced and the surrounding areas tidied up
Just 2 weeks since the aeration work to the greens and they are recovering well

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

 We are now back onto our rough management program of cutting, collecting and raking the roughs on the Craighead course this week and hopefully the Balcomie course the following week, weather pending as it really needs to be dry to get a clean finish
 With all the aeration work completed to both sets of greens it was just the Autumn/winter fertiliser to be applied this week to aid recover and harden the plant up to the colder temperatures
We are cutting back/down certain trees at our 17th medal tee on the Balcomie course to allow more air and light movement, which should improve the turf vigour 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

 This week we have had the Balcomie course closed to carry out aeration work to the greens & tees
 Greens & tees have been deep tined to 8" to help relieve the compaction from this years play plus our machinery
 Then we mini-cored to 1" to take out excess thatch

 Greens 16 & 18 we hollow cored with a 16mm tine to take more thatch out than the other greens
 The boys cleaning up the cores
 After the cores were collected we verti-cut to really clean up the surfaces and cut out any lateral growth plus this helps to open up the surface for seeding
 All the greens were over seeded in 2 directions to achieve the best germination of the seed
 the seed was then switched/brushed and drag matted into as many holes as possible
 Then the seed and holes were covered with sand and drag matted in then the surfaces were watered and vibrate rolled to help smooth the surfaces
Today was a catch up on all the cutting, as all the staff were on the aeration work for most part of the week

Friday, 23 September 2016

 This week we continued our aeration work to the surrounds with a 16mm hollow tine to relive compaction and help replace the heavy soil with sand on the Craighead course
 The 4th fairway on the Balcomie course has been cut back 10yards to help reduce the carry from the back medal tee, as this hole usually plays into the prevailing wind
 The Balcomie greens are recovering well from the dry spell

 This year we had 2 members of staff leave to progress with their careers, so we now have John Bowers who worked at Elie GC
and Steven Harris who worked at the Dukes GC joining our team, both have fitted in well

Monday, 19 September 2016

 After completing the aeration work to the greens on the Craighead course, we applied a 5.0.27 fertiliser to aid recovery
 We have started to deep aerate the Craighead tees to help relieve compaction and improve drainage
 That's the new benches out at the Craighead starters hut
 We applied a liquid Seaweed to the Balcomie greens
 It's that time of year to mark out, cut and top-dress etc our winter greens to allow any divots to repair before being in use

 That's our sprayer had it's MOT, which it passed with no problems. This is a new law that has came out to keep our power sprayer in tip top condition
 Another tow for us on Friday afternoon, a golfer managed to drive off the edge of the 16th tee path into the bell and bin
Finishing off our winter work plans etc for the Greens meeting this week

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

 Aeration work is now completed to the Craighead greens. We have in a demo deep aerator to try while carrying out aeration as our aerator is due for replacement after 13 years of service

 12mm solid tine down to a depth of 9"
 The greens were then mini-cored
 Cleaned up, verti-cut and blown to clean up all debris

 Then rolled and cut
 Over seeded
 Top-dressed with sand to help smooth the surface and to cover the new seed
then rubbed in and watered. The greens should be back to normal in a few days after rolling