Friday, 26 May 2017

 The weather has been really great this week and at last some heat
 with the grass growing pretty hard, we have been using our brush before cutting to help stand up the grass and lift lateral growth
 In the afternoons we have been working on our turf nursery, it has been rotovated, stone buried, firmed, lightly raked, seeded then lightly raked again

 We all the growth, we have been out verti-cutting greens on both courses to help control the growth and thatch build up
all bunker edges and faces have been sprayed with a selective herbicide to control weeds

Thursday, 18 May 2017

 After the welcomed rain on Saturday and Monday we are getting a lot of grass growth now, so we have been turf ironing behind cutting to help gain surface speed on the greens over both courses and we are now at our full cutting program
 We have repainted and replaced club logo sticker on our shoe cleaner
 Another irrigation leak at tee 5 on the Balcomie course
 When we get a chance we have continued working at the 13th path on the Balcomie course by adding in cross drains etc to save material washing down onto the course in heavy rain
 We have been getting of turf nursery ready for seeding
 This week we held a TGI event on the Craighead course

Friday, 12 May 2017

 With the very dry weather continuing, the irrigation system has been on most nights to water greens, surrounds and tees and hand watering through the day of any other areas and high spots, so we have been trying to keep up with repairs to the older Balcomie course system
 replacing ball valves for our hose points that were leaking
 mains pipe to the 4th green

 Replaced all pipework/valves etc in the box at green 10

 mobile sprinklers out on fairways 2 & 12
 We have replaced the 1st tee bin and Pro shop bin with larger sized bins to cope with the litter on very busy days

Friday, 5 May 2017

 The Craighead greens are recovering well and will be back to normal in a couple of days now, we have applied another light sand dressing to help in the recovery
 We have started to spray our fairways and semi-roughs with a selective herbicide to control the daises
 We hired a spray contractor to help us with all the larger fairways/semi-roughs and driving range
we have nearly completed edging/weeding and topping up our tee paths, just the 15th tee path and 13th maintenance path on the Balcomie course to complete

Friday, 28 April 2017

Aeration week

 From Wednesday we have closed the Craighead course for 3 days to complete essential aeration work to the greens
 We started off by deep tining to 250mm with a solid 12mm tine to aid drainage/air movement and break up compaction
 Then we mini-hollow cored with a 11mm tine to a depth of 25mm to take out any unwanted thatch plus this is an ideal seed pot for before over seeding
 Then we cleaned up all the cores
  Verti-cutting to help clean up more mess and smooth off the surfaces
 Then overseed with traditional fescue/bent mix

 All greens and surrounds were top-dressed to cover the seed and fill in the aeration holes, we applied a ton of sand per green, then left to dry before rubbing in and vibrate rolled

 Irrigation has been applied to wash in the sand and keep the new seed damp to help with germination
 With the temperatures slowly rising, we have started to spray selective herbicide to help control daises over both courses
 With the Craighead course closed for the aeration, it made sense to organise our local contractor to come in and re-grade the road to the shed and fill in any potholes etc as the road goes through the course

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Battle Trophy

 At the weekend we held the Battle trophy over the Craighead course
 Some great scoring for rounds 1 & 2 but on the Sunday for rounds 3 & 4 the wind got up and made both rounds challenging

 This week we have been catching up with jobs on the Balcomie course as last week most of the man power was used for setting up for the Battle
 We have been out spraying a herbicide to help control the rougher grasses in our problem areas of roughs over both courses, this is part of our rough management plan with cutting and collecting these areas to help thin out the roughs to make them more playable and cleaner
 We have applied a fertiliser to fairways 2,3 & any new drainage work areas to promote recovery and improve our 2 weaker fairways on the Craighead course
In the afternoons once the morning jobs have been completed on the courses,we have been screening sand for topping up bunkers